Wednesday 4 July 2012

BBlocks 1.1.0 - stickers

Stickers are fantastic decorations that are guaranteed to improve all of your creations. One thing uncommon about them is that they're not affected by physics (gravity to be strict). They just... well... stick, wherever you place them.

New version introduces 5 stickers:
  • sun
  • moon
  • cloud/smoke
  • bee
  • flag

Just 5 for now to test the idea, but rest assured that I will be adding more. You can't change the colour of stickers. Instead you can change the size. I was amazed myself with the difference they make.


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Tuesday 19 June 2012

BBlocks 1.0.2 new features

I have just released new version of BBlocks which introduces some usability improvements. You will be now able to zoom in and out using simple pinch gesture.

Default zoom
Fully zoomed in
Fully zoomed out
As you can see from examples above, you can set any zoom level that you're comfortable with. Users with large screen devices (tablets) will benefit from larger workspace, whereas users with smaller screens will be able to select and position blocks with better precision.

I hope you're all happy with this update and as usual I welcome your feedback.


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Wednesday 6 June 2012

BBlocks launches

I am proud to announce a launch of my new android app: BBlocks.

BBlocks is a fun app that allows you to create 2d structures out of simple blocks. Game aims to emulate classic wooden blocks. Change colours and rotations, move them around with ease, stack them up, but be careful. With life-like physics implemented things can get pretty challenging quite quickly.

BBlocks features Guided Play, which is designed for younger players. The purpose is to place the blocks onto the matching spots. Once all the blocks are in place, the challenge is completed and you can advance to the next one. BBlocks features 50 of them, ranging in difficulty, so should keep you occupied for few hours.

At any point you can use the Free Play mode where you can build anything and it's restricted to your imagination, abilities and... patience. Only you decide when the structure is ready for you to share. You can do it so, by taking a screenshot and sharing it with your friends and family.

Here are some highlighted features:
  • Guided Play with 50 fun structures to build
  • Free Play - build what and how you want it
  • 9 classic shapes
  • realistic physics engine
  • unlimited undo/redo
You can download the app by visiting Google Play BBlocks app page.

I am awaiting your feedback. If you have any suggestions, questions, had a problem please let me know. Email me at support at lonedroid dot com, or simply post a comment below.

I would like to dedicate this game to my 5 year old son Szymon, who was a great inspiration for me, and a very helpful chap during QA phase. Special thanks to my lovely wife who kept motivating and encouraging me to complete and finally publish the game.


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